crane translate: 機器, 起重機,吊車, 鳥, 鶴, 伸長(脖子),探著身子(看). Among the most popular and widely used symbols are the ones for longevity. As a result, in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese culture, the bird represents good fortune and longevity. Cranes with peony flowers symbolize prosperity and longevity, while cranes with lotus symbolize purity and longevity. They include bamboo, cicada, peach, gourd, pine, deer and crane. The depiction of cranes in Chinese art and antique carpets are almost entirely based on their mythological significance and symbolism. This bird was represented on civil … The crane was a bird of omen. Bat Symbol Meaning But rather than the color, the setting and postures of the swan are more important. Elegant in posture and graceful in movement, cranes are generally good luck birds and a powerful symbol of longevity. Panda in Chinese Culture The crane carries the spirit of the departed to the heaven according to Chinese legends. With their large stature and loud resounding calls, cranes have appealed to mankind whenever we have met. In China, the crane is legendary for being the prince of all feathered creature on earth. Being the symbol of longetivity and peace, the crane is the most favored bird symbol (next to the phoenix ). //-->. A crane flying towards the sun expreses the desire for social advancement. Birds in Chinese mythology and legend are of numerous types and very important in this regard. In China, the crane is legendary for being the prince of all feathered creature on earth. It is one of the twelve animals forming the Chinese zodiac. A crane that is shown perched on a rock and looking at the sun stands for an important authority who can see everything. The ancients considered “a crane standing among chickens” this phrase means that the crane has unusual abiIity and is not of the common world. Crane in Chinese Culture With such a revered and legendary status, no wonder cranes appear consistently in Chinese art and carpets. Monkey King Story Zhu Bajie. This bird symbolizes respect and longevity so many people voted for it. Monkey King Festival Chinese ink painting art background elegant tranquil landscape view of mountain full moon and Chinese crane bird standing on the. Fu Lions People now debate about this on online forums. Download 451 Chinese Crane Bird Painting Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart for FREE or amazingly low rates! Two cranes walking or flying together is the ultimate symbol of longevity. In more recent times, The […] Out of reverence, the cockerel in contrast to hens, was not killed for meat. One that is shown among peony flowers stands for … Along with the sandhill and demoiselle cranes and the brolga, it is one of only four crane species not currently classified as threatened with extinction or conservation dependent on the species level. The bird is also considered a sign of luck. 44 94 0. The Vermilion Bird is iconic of the south. Birds in Feng Shui 19 16 14. Cranes Birds. Turtle in Feng Shui The Cranes The Cranes, family Gruidae, are among the most amazing birds we have on this planet. Another popular depiction is a crane hovering above a deer grazing under a pine tree. Red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis), also called Xian He (“xian” means “fairy” and “he” means “crane” in Chinese), white crane and Cilou (the ancient name of red-crowned crane in China), is a large crane that is named after the red crown on its head. A crane that is shown with its wings stretched out and one leg raised stands for longevity. The Greek for crane is Γερανος ( geranos ), which gives us the cranesbill, or hardy geranium. As the UK’s tallest bird the common crane is instantly recognisable with the ruffle of tail feathers and very long legs. Crane wardens at the Zhalong Nature Reserve work to keep the famous, red-crowned cranes from going extinct in China. Find high-quality stock photos that you won't find anywhere else. The image of a crane with its wings stretched out and one leg raised up has the symbol of longevity. In Chinese paintings, cranes are often painted with other important symbols such as peaches and pine trees. If a Chinese crane is shown flying towards the sun, it signifies a desire for social advancement. 149,057,959 stock photos online. 31 13 12. Cranes are linked with immortality, and may be transformed xian immortals, or ferry an immortal upon their back. They have a symbol for everything, including life, death and longevity. A picture of a crane perched on rock and looking at the sun symboIizes an important authority who can see everything. However habitat modification, drying of lakes and agriculture are threats to the populations. The historical distribution of the Red-crowned Crane Grus japonensis together changes in its breeding and wintering grounds in China are reviewed. Japanese crane bird, watercolor illustration. Lion Dance Find more Chinese words at! Chinese translation. According to historical information the bird mainly bred in Heilongjiang and Jilin Provinces and wintered at coastal regions near the Yangtze estuary. Search from Chinese Crane Bird Photos stock photos, pictures and royalty-free images from iStock. Being the symbol of longetivity and peace, the crane is the most favored bird symbol (next to the phoenix). google_ad_height = 90; Horse in Chinese Culture Three Legged Frog Sandhill Cranes Birds. In whichever scenes cranes are depicted, their symbolism in Chinese art and carpets is always important. /* 728x90, created 7/31/09 */ Crane Royal Head Neck. Because of its ability to fly high and over long distances, its wings were used as an amulet for protection against exhaustion. 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