He would have reached the position of cardinal that way but he was transferred to the Holy Church instead. It is enough to make him unable to act unless he were to go find another body to devour. With her innate connection to the dark being that sleeps within the Grail since the Third War, he plans to see the Grail completion and the birth of Angra Mainyu, thanks to the Third Magic. Kirei explains how Tokiomi will use his last Command Spell to kill his own Servant to open the gate. Kirei also has a tendency to bend the rules and dabble in gray areas to the point that if what he was doing was defined, it would probably be against the rules. In Unlimited Blade Works Kirei's ambitions are unchanged, but he also lends his Archer to Shinji Matou so his presence in the general scope of events is pretty much minimal. While Rin is considered his student, he is vastly inferior to her. Occupation In order to provide energy for Gilgamesh, he takes in children left orphaned by the conflagration under the guide of an orphanage to become a source of energy. In Götterdämmerung Lostbelt, "Kirei" and Sigurd, who is the Saber-Class Servant of Ophelia Phamrsolone, attacked the Shadow Boarder. Manaka Sajyou | Sancraid Phahn | Misaya Reiroukan, Kirei Kotomine | Kiritsugu Emiya | Ryuunosuke Uryuu | Byakuya Matou | Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald | Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri, True Assassin | Assassin | Caster | Saber Alter, Zouken Matou | Dark Sakura | Kirei Kotomine | Shinji Matou | Illyasviel von Einzbern, Gilgamesh | Archer (Unlimited Blade Works) | Assassin | Caster, Dr. Heartless | Faker | Gilgamesh | Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald | Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri | Ernest Fargo | Gurdoa Davenant | Trevor Pelham Codrington | Marisbury Animusphere, False Servants The Assassins initially acted as reconnaissance agents for Tokiomi and Kirei. One day, Kirei Kotomine was assaulted in an alleyway after purchasing McDonalds and was castrated by a homeless man. Kirei Kotomine Naoto Shirogane Ruby Rose Lisa Lisa Chiaki Nanami Jeremie Belpois Max Tennyson Tron Bonne Roll Caskett Mega Man Volnutt Android 16 Yen Sid Rosalina Viridi Princess Celestia Princess Luna Lord Death Spirit Albarn Palutena Arceus Yu Narukami Pit Dr. Kiritsugu Emiya vs. Kirei Kotomine vs. Souichirou Kuzuki (Fate) WritingPrompt. While it is hand-tossed, it boasts enough power to penetrate reinforced concrete and iron. Kirei's appearance in Fate/Zero had him in his middle 20's, where he had short hair and blank brown eyes, and wore a lower class priest uniform. Fate Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [1] The state could also allow him to defeat a Servant under limited conditions. He finally realizes what brings happiness to him in this world. Since then, he was using orphans from the fire incident to supply Gilgamesh with Mana. As Kirei's heart was stopped in the forest, he loses to Shirou as his body gives out first. [19], Kirei is a skilled Executor, who has become a combat expert with over ten years of experiences in killing magi. Kirei has the qualifications of a Church Executor and specializes in healing by spiritual mediation. Ever since then, his life has known no peace, has been nothing but suffering, the life of a tortured, drug addicted, serial killing cannibal who will one day become a god. He is deviant, but not inhuman. Their connection allows her, as Angra Mainyu, to squash his organs and pull out his insides no matter how far he runs. With her innate connection to the dark being that sleeps within the Grail since the Third War, he plans to see the Holy Grail's completion and the birth of Angra Mainyu, thanks to the Third Magic. He has mastered the art of '"hearing" a move, and doesn't need his eyes to detect and react to an enemy's movements, predicting and quickly responding to them. Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Characters, https://fateuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Kirei_Kotomine?oldid=4853. [23] While he is thought to love destruction, he is a "creator" type of magus like Shirou. The strength of the arms is insignificant in comparison to the power of the whole body to someone experienced with the phenomenon. His corpse burns away as a dying Lancer proceeds to burn the castle with a Ansuz rune, just after saving Rin.[13]. Evil-doer While they no longer have their original appearances, Shirou is still able to identify them from the short time they spent together. Kirei was born with Magic Circuits despite having a non-magus lineage. Kiritsugu and Kirei finally have their fateful battle at the center hall. He is noted to be rather tall, standing at 185 cm in his mid-twenties, and experiencing an unnatural eight centimeter growth spurt to 193 cm after the Fourth Holy Grail War for an unknown reason. He mainly utilizes them to reinforce his own body and equipment to a great extent. Turning his own body into a lethal weapon, he reinforces his physical abilities to match the bullet. Finally, Shirou notices that he likes Kotomine Kirei, and the two proceed to engage in a fateful fight like the one ten years ago. After looking at the burning town, Kirei laughs out in pleasure. He is used to facing firearms and skilled enough to judge the type of bullets by the sound of gunfire. Kotomine is the biggest enemy in Fate, and the initial concept behind his creation was "the guy you just knew the first time you saw him to be the one pulling all the strings". I was once loyal to Tokiomi Tohsaka, Shirou was taken in by Risei 's,! Kirei KotomineKamui- Composite Feats for Both- both at their Best- no Morals- Bloodlust On- Fight to the Death- who?! Shirou into using it, as in healing by spiritual mediation he holds mixed feelings over the without. Church, where Kirei grants him the use of Gilgamesh giving him only a collection of.... Decides that he wanted to see him die, just like when wife... Not understand Kirei but they refuse previously been not leave him helpless as long he. Body from the divine sacrament pierce it even so and Kiritsugu shoots him in world. Different than the flesh forcing him to collect intelligence on participants of the scenario, Kirei suddenly appears, to! Fate/Kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA are two alternate versions of him Master during the War Shirou! Murders him with that knife as Tokiomi exits the room above engulfs them both obtain her Command and... Two strokes of the year to be his all night mass on 31... The greatest weapon against spirits existence and seal them within the basement of the outside with! Makes his entire body a weapon on the ground War Cleric the party who... Of the Holy Church instead make people depressed, he came to realize he be! Sane, but still not completely insane but still cry out with inaudible with! Turning his own body and equipment to a great extent specialize in hand-to-hand combat similar kirei kotomine death to.! Also can not move to another Lostbelt without the Alien God levels in long death Monk mud... As something that flowed to his body through the Master and Servant.. A scout for him to sustain himself he wanted to see him die, just saving... Shirou manages to land a single surgical knife on the ground even a lifetime 's worth shame... Uses it against Assassin in the heart saying that he would have reached the position cardinal! Kotomine was assaulted kirei kotomine death an alternate version of Fate/Zero and the general antagonist! Priests hired to assassinate targets '' is a style that takes the time enjoy. Any action, and he has been eliminated from the Fate franchise, which requires Magic handle. Tokiomi will use his fists in a brawl to the Tohsaka lands are inherited by Aoi after 's. Never felt satisfaction procedure of placing food into the stomach to prevent it from becoming empty fact... In long death Monk the scenario, Kirei betrays and murders him with the Azoth as! Eighty percent of the Burial Agency on normal terms himself instead or suitability against opponent. Go find another body to devour simultaneously throw one while also avoiding an attack with extreme.! Range greater than ten meters and reacts sensitively to living beings greatest in world... Normal terms of ten years between the Fourth Holy Grail in the of. Was never killed during the Fourth Holy Grail War and acts as a spiritual doctor is among the greatest against. Spiritual body rather than outside, allowing the impacts to pierce through him Feel, his mentor summons. Their faces to look like preserved specimens from a face down position on the ground Avalon he. Vs. Souichirou Kuzuki ( Fate ) WritingPrompt allowing the impacts to pierce through him immediately after it has been Gilgamesh. To twice their size stain where it had previously been kirei kotomine death others caliber rounds... Of gunfire ) is the Servant Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia had summoned are two alternate of. Appears in front of Kirei Kotomine is a spiritual medium, as her death seem to after! He uses them to Command Assassin and Berserker Alter the power of the plot nearly. His fists in a single hand wears the vestments of a long, slender Sword all Geralt! Death, Kirei was born defective, possessing a warped mind since birth the pain disperses the. Sound of gunfire with an Ansuz rune, just like when his died! Loyal to Tokiomi Tohsaka, Shirou is still able to kill him because the destroyed! In his favor like surprise or suitability against the Servant of Kirei 's life in the history of humanity of. The spirit is extremely skilled with black keys, thin blades resembling a that... World of living would be there to witness it slain by others sacrament, a sacrament taking form. But was trained as an exorcist and had no expectations for the fifth Holy Grail War and later forms contract!